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Terapeakers Make More Money Part 10

By Terapeak  on March 19, 2012

As an eBay seller choosing the right keywords is essential to obtaining the highest return on your items. Buyers are more likely to find your items if you use the keywords they’re searching for. Terapeaker Lori McAulliffe who sells on eBay as Rocket City Sales found a vintage type writer at a local thrift store and used Terapeak to value it and identify the best keywords to use. “Using Terapeak research, I discovered this model would sell for an average of $50 on eBay, plus I learned for the same model that came in colors (pink, red, blue and white) these can sell for upwards to $300 and more depending on the color. That made for great information to keep on file when out searching for other typewriter finds...I soon discovered that this item is searched for by DeLuxe and De Luxe, so I was sure to include both spellings in my listing title. I also discovered that the word Manual was an important keyword to include. I would have thought the word vintage was a good keyword, but soon discovered this word did not improve searchability or increase views.” Without Terapeak, Lori would not have used the best keywords when listing her typewriter. Without the best keywords Lori would have made less money. In addition to helping Lori identify better keywords Terapeak showed her other colours of this particular typewriter are worth a substantial amount of money - invaluable information to have when searching for new products. Watch out for another great user story later this week and as usual send your stories to along with a link to your website, blog or eBay store!

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