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Terapeakers Make More Money Part 9

By Terapeak  on March 13, 2012

Research on the road is invaluable and Terapeak delivers as today’s featured Terapeaker shows us. Lesley Rich from the Lil*bo*tique Shop on eBay and writer at The eBay Underground Blog is a veteran Terapeaker with many great tales of success. While at a Goodwill store in Colorado she found a vintage Fisher Price Phonograph. A search on Terapeak revealed a solid sell-through rate and good selling prices as well. “Next I did a quick scan of the toys and found a vintage Fisher Price phonograph circa 1978. Terapeak is showing an average price of $24.18 with a 50% sell through rate.  Six recently sold in the last few months at $50 or more....that's my number!  I paid $5 for it and it's clean.” Lesley is looking at a 400-900% return on her investment thanks to research provided by Terapeak. Information is power and the information that can be obtained from Terapeak can be a powerful tool for making you more money! Being able to research and source while on the road can be a great way to help pay for your vacation while you are away vacationing. Many Terapeakers have told us how they love thrift shopping in other cities when on vacation and frequently score items they can resell when they get home to help pay for the trip. You can check out Lesley’s store below or follow her on Twitter @LilbotiqueShop If you have a story of how Terapeak has made you more money we want to hear it and feature your blog or eBay store. Direct all stories to

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