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Terapeakers Make More Money Part 7

By Terapeak  on March 06, 2012

Just over two weeks into this series and the stories are still flowing in. Terapeakers are definitely out there making more money by being smart and researching the products they’re selling. Today’s story comes from power Terapeaker Jessica Calhoun from The eBay Thrifter Blog and Ellie’s Alcove on eBay. She scored a collectible Starbucks mug on the cheap and Terapeak helped her establish when a “Best Offer” was worth accepting. “This is a very hard to find mug. If you find it - snatch it up quickly! My sister-in-law picked it up for me back in December for 37 cents. I had it listed ridiculously high for months. Then a month or so ago, I lowered my price a bit. I got an offer for $75 the other day. I checked Terapeak and saw that very few of these had sold over the past year, and all the ones that did sold for right around $75, so I took the offer. Buyer paid quickly and has left positive feedback already. Yay!” Without Terapeak Jessica would not have been able to assess if $75 was a reasonable offer or not. Completed listings would not have helped her as the item is rare and sells infrequently. Having access to 365 days of sales history allowed Jessica to comfortably accept the offer and ultimately make more money. Keep the stories coming and check back for another win from our amazing users. Email your stories to

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