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eBay and Terapeak show fashion sales trends for clothing, shoes & accessories

By Terapeak  on May 26, 2011

Terapeak and eBay show fashion sales trends for clothing, shoes & accesories Timing (knowing when to list) is one of the most-important elements to successful eBay selling, and fortunately Terapeak makes it simple.“Seasonality” refers to the time of year when an item sells the most. For example, Christmas trees have peak seasonality in December, and so on.   eBay has recently created a seasonal selling guide that details the top items to sell for every season, and we’re very excited to tell you that they’ve based their findings on Terapeak data. This article isn’t simply “sandals in summer, mittens in winter.” It’s an in-depth review of the most-profitable categories to sell in, brands to carry, and the top ten items that are big sellers year round.   Understanding seasonality is extremely valuable because it means you can avoid cluttering up your inventory with stock that would sell faster at a different time. We know this, eBay knows it, and now you can too - even if you aren’t yet a Terapeak subscriber.   Click here to see the guide, and get an inside look at what makes Terapeak a must have, for whatever you’re selling.

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