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Spring is the best time to buy baby clothes online, and sell on eBay

By Terapeak  on May 02, 2011

As Spring returns to the northern hemisphere, new life is popping up everywhere you look. The only question is – what are all these new life forms going to wear?   Baby clothes are some of the hottest items on eBay for Spring. Whether the little tike in your life is a Taurus or an Aries, there’s no better time to list excess items or find a great deal for an upcoming baby shower.   The best thing about buying or selling during a peak period is one word, demand. When you have the maximum number of buyers and sellers in the market place it’s good for everybody. If you’re buying for baby then jump on eBay now and take advantage of a huge selection that beats any store. If you’re interested in listing old items (because vintage and hand-made clothes are hot too) or something you picked up on sale, here are the top four best-selling brands on eBay. The dollar value shown represents total sales over the last 30 days.   eBay’s Top Brands for Babies:   Brand Name – Total Sales (over last 30 days)   Gymboree - $698,000 Gap - $368,000 Ralph Lauren - $218,000 Janie & Jack - $109,000   How to Sell: When you list anything on eBay you have to consider what your strategy is going to be, and this is what Terapeak provides. For example, let’s say we’re listing a Gymboree dress for a baby girl - this is how Terapeak tells us to list it.   Gymboree baby girl’s dress:
  • Best day to sell: Sun
  • Best duration to use: 7 days
  • Best Time of day to list: 6-7 PM (PDT)
  • Best listing type: bid auction (instead of setting a fixed price)
  • Sell through rate: 54.31%
  The Sell through rate is like your odds of selling, and you can raise these odds by having a good listing strategy like the one described above. Remember, Terapeak is here to show you how to sell on eBay and make it easier to succeed. If you’ve been thinking of listing on eBay, try Terapeak out for free by clicking here.

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