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Terapeak contributes to The Wall Street Journal

By Terapeak  on February 11, 2011

We’ll talk all day about the value of our research, but don’t listen to us, listen to the most-read financial publication on the planet. Once again, the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money site has called for our input, so naturally we were happy to oblige. You can read the article here.   This time the topic of discussion is the buzz surrounding the buy-back programs offered by online electronics re-sellers like Tech Forward, and most-recently the in-store service provided by electro-giant Best Buy.   The Wall Street Journal uses Terapeak data to show the average value a consumer can expect to get for their six-month old 16GB iPhone 4 on eBay. They compare this figure ($472) to the amount paid by the average buy-back program ($350). A very interesting read, especially if you’re the type of shopper who craves the latest and greatest electronics.   If you’re an eBay seller of any kind, this kind of information is invaluable (And did we mention we have a special deal on Terapeak? Please act quick because it ends Feb 24th, 2011) . We feel it’s another great example of the applicability of the kind of research offered by Terapeak, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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