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Disney Domination: Classic brand feasts on eBay holiday shoppers

By Terapeak  on December 18, 2009

A week ago, we blogged about the holiday toy racket, which year after year provides one of the more reliable markets on eBay. But what if you were to boil that phenomenon down into one single brand? (Perhaps in a wicked witch's cauldron, or as part of a poisonous apple?) That brand would be Disney. For more than 85 years, The Walt Disney Company has been one of Hollywood's biggest money-makers, and a source for some of the world's most sought-after merchandise. And, naturally, that fervor tends to reach its peak around the holidays. For starters, here are Terapeak's current top 5 Hot DVDs: Photobucket Those numbers, of course, come on the heels of Disney remastering several of its classic animated films this year, and sales have continued to rise since October. Also in the Terapeak top 20 Hot DVDs are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Alice in Wonderland. How about a Terapeak product report? Well here's a 90-day All Sites search for "Disney" total sales: Photobucket Now that's an extremely broad search, but you can see how the demand for just one keyword rises! Finally, to show just how annual "Disney Demand" is, here are a pair of two-year category trends. First is a total sales trend for the Collectibles > Disneyana > Contemporary (1968-Now) category: Photobucket And second, a total sold listings trend for Toys & Hobbies > TV, Movie & Character Toys > Disney: Photobucket Those are some pretty serious peaks and valleys, and it's easy to see how they match up with the holiday season. So with close to a year before next December rolls around... imagine all the Disney schwag you've got time to collect!

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