Terapeak launches free keyword tool on Selling Manager Applications

By Terapeak  on October 29, 2009

Some more exciting news out of Terapeak-land this week! On Monday, we launched Terapeak Keywords, a free application available exclusively on the eBay Selling Manager platform. It works much like a simplified version of our Title Builder tool, which Terapeak subscribers should already be familiar with. We're hoping it's a way for new sellers and Terapeak beginners to get a feel for eBay research, before committing to the full-scale product. Photobucket Each free Terapeak Keywords search gives you:
  • 20 suggested keywords, related to your search
  • Average, maximum and minimum prices for each suggested keyword
  • A self-refreshing suggestions list as you select additional keywords
  • The ability to build your title until you’ve exhausted all 55 characters
  • All data based on 100 recently-closed eBay listings
... because as all experienced eBay sellers (and Terapeak users!) should know, the first step to creating a great listing is coming up with a great title. And that means making all 55 characters count. To add Terapeak Keywords to your Selling Manager Applications, visit the Selling applications directory. Remember, you must also be a Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro user.

Start a trial Terapeak subscription or create a free MySales account to see how our world-class seller tools can help you to start and grow your business.


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