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Football Fever: Kick off the new season with Terapeak's NFL Index!

By Terapeak  on September 10, 2009

If there's one upside to summer ending (it feels dirty even saying that), it's what kicks off tonight: a new NFL season! In what's become a tradition over the past several years, the defending champion Steelers will host the Tennessee Titans in a special Thursday game -- and there's little love lost between these two teams. Last year, Tennessee had the NFL's best regular season record, and during a December win over Pittsburgh they let their distaste for Steel-town be known. Of course, that turned out to be Pittsburgh's final loss, as they crushed Tennessee in January en route to their sixth Super Bowl win. But how do the teams stack up on eBay? Well, that's where the Terapeak NFL Index comes in: Now, pitting almost any team against Pittsburgh is unfair -- they're one of the most decorated franchises in pro sports, and have long been among the NFL's top merchandise-sellers. So it should come as no surprise that only the Dallas Cowboys have made more eBay revenue  over the past 30 days, or that Pittsburgh has sold more than twice as many items (17,717) as the next-best-selling AFC team (Miami, with 7,665). But give the Titans some credit: their average price on eBay ($91.76) is higher than all other 31 NFL teams. (Though only the lowly Bengals have sold fewer items amongst AFC teams.) Following Dallas and Pittsburgh to round out the Total Sales top 10: Chicago, Minnesota, Green Bay, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore and Cleveland... Not a lot of south on that list, hey? Just like last year, we'll be blogging about the index as the season marches on, but save the link for yourself if you're selling anything sports-related. Also of interest: the Terapeak NHL index... hockey's just around the corner, too!

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