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OS Xceptional: Apple's Snow Leopard a Sell-Through Superstar

By Terapeak  on September 04, 2009

A week ago today, Apple released its new operating system, Mac OS X v10.6 -- better known worldwide as "Snow Leopard". Announced to the public and released to developers in early June, "Snow Leopard" has been getting shout-outs in advertising for new Macs (including those sold on eBay) for a few months now, but only upon its official release has the buzz really taken off. Consider, for instance, that in the 30 days prior to August 28th (release day), Terapeak shows 1,807 eBay listings that used the keywords "Snow" and "Leopard". The sell-through rate of those listings? 29.28%. In the 5 days following release, there were 635 listings... and the sell-through shot to 59.37%. Photobucket Of course that's not the hugest sample size, and it deals with "Snow Leopard" as keywords directly... so consider instead the keywords "New" and "Macbook". In the 30 days preceding August 28th, Terapeak All Sites shows 16,025 listings for "New Macbook", with a sell-through rate of 36.04%. But in the 5 days after Snow Leopard's launch, the sell-through on those same laptops rocketed to 48.87%. We don't really talk about sell-through on the blog as much as we'd like to, considering it's one of our fave statistics, but often that's because inventory rises alongside demand, and sell-through doesn't always fluctuate much. In this case, however, demand for new Macs is at an all-time high, even at a time ("back-to-school") when most suppliers are as well-stocked as they'll be all year... and Snow Leopard has helped contribute to that big-time. So, are we saying you should go out and start selling Macbooks? Well, no, that's not exactly the easiest market to break into. But do have a look at sell-through when you can, and take note when you see it trending up specifically.

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