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Miley Memorabilia: Will performer's charity help other eBay sales?

By Terapeak  on August 11, 2009

A pretty cool story coming out of eBay this week, as Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus put all kinds of autographed schwag and clothing up for charity auction in her eBay store. Photobucket The products range from "Miley's Closet" items like dresses and tank tops worn in published magazine shoots, to signed and personalized movie posters and photos, to the grandaddy prize of all -- a chance to be Cyrus' "Roadie for a Day," which includes a backstage meet and greet, as well as a "personalized Miley fan kit." We're not sure what we'd say to the star if given the chance (possibly, "Why didn't you respond when we tweeted you about our last Hannah Montana blog?"), but it's good to know that all proceeds from the auctions go to the Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation. In terms of helping other eBay sellers, this is a case where a lot of bidders will end up losing out when these auctions close in a few days, and there's a decent chance other Miley/Hannah-related sellers will pick up sales because of it. We'll be monitoring the situation, and we're curious to see the fall-out! Good on ya, Miley! (Even if you don't respond.)

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