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Hannah Montana: Kind of a big deal

By Terapeak  on April 14, 2009

If you spent any portion of your Easter weekend at the movie theatres, you likely witnessed part of the preteen throng that helped Hannah Montana: The Movie snag #1 honors at the U.S. box office. For those who don't know (there might still be a few?), the film is based on a Disney Channel sitcom of the same name, starring Billy Ray's kid Miley Cyrus in the title role, currently in the midst of its third full season. So how has Hannah's Hollywood debut helped her eBay sales? Well, the show's memorabilia has always sold remarkably well -- as far back as its inception in March 2006 -- and so far it doesn't appear the film has affected a whole lot. Check out this 30-day Total Sold Listings trend for "Hannah Montana" (which covers a whopping 39,000+ listings): Photobucket Pretty steady, wouldn't you say? Of course it is still early... Now compare that with a similar 30-day trend for the film Hannah knocked out of the #1 slot -- Fast and Furious. (Seriously, how funny is that abbreviated title? No, scratch that, how funny is that entire franchise?) Photobucket A bit more dramatic, yes. (And action-packed! And freakin' Paul Walker!) It'll be interesting to see in the coming days if Disney improves on the sales of one of its most popular brands, or if the mania surrounding Hannah Montana has already reached its ceiling...

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