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Launch Party: Terapeak goes live with exciting new features!

By Terapeak  on March 16, 2009

It's here! We teased it at the end of our March newsletter, but today marks the day we officially reveal and launch a series of new improvements to the Terapeak tool. We've been working our tails off over the past few months, building, tweaking, and Terapeak-ing these new additions, and we're thrilled to be able to finally go live with them. Below, please find a list of all the ways you'll benefit as a Terapeak subscriber -- and remember, these improvements require no changes to your account, no extra fees on your part, no changes to your preferences. FP-30: View individual items soon after they sell! In our eyes, FP-30 data was the grandaddy priority in terms of providing you the most exact eBay research possible -- and now, thanks to a ton of hard work by our development team, we're finally able to account in full for FP-30 data in our reporting metrics. So, not only is Terapeak now offering faster data transmission from eBay to you, we will also report on individual item sales from FP-30 duration listings as each individual item is sold. This means you'll receive the freshest, most accurate data available on the marketplace today. We know the rise of FP-30 listings on eBay has been contentious to your research as Terapeak subscribers, so again, we're thrilled to have worked this one out for you! Sell Internationally: Find new opportunities! If you're an international seller with the Terapeak "All-Sites" package, you'll now have the ability to search all six international sites at once -- so, with a click of your mouse receive reports on sales from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. Use this new feature to arbitrage your goods across eBay platforms, compare markets, and find new opportunities for your online business. Extend your business' reach by knowing each marketplace. Value Track: Be efficient, save time on research! Value Track is a new tool that does just what its name says -- it tracks the value and sales rate of all your favorite searches, and packages the results in a nice little stock-chart for you to look at every week. Your regular Terapeak subscription supports up to 25 items on your Value Track -- or, if you need more, we can make that happen as well! Sleeker Look, Stronger Servers = Faster Searches! Finally (though we guess this isn't so much a feature per se), new innovations in server technology, combined with a sleeker, slimmer, scaled-down Terapeak, mean optimal speed for every kind of search. (Optimal speed: fast.) And stay tuned for even more! The growth doesn't stop here, as we've got another host of upgrades ready to roll out in the very near future. As always, you'll be updated, and we hope you'll share our excitement! Thanks for taking the time to read about these advancements, and for being a Terapeak subscriber!

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