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Hello, eBayyy! Terapeak launches guitar index

By Terapeak  on September 16, 2008

Since a few of us at the office here dabble in guitar-slingin' (some more than others; some just "Blackbird" and a few old Blink 182 songs), we thought it might be interesting to compare the eBay sales of a few top brands. We did this with the top-five-selling acoustic and electric guitars, and the result was Terapeak's brand new guitar index. As you can see (and might well expect), Martin and Gibson lead the pack in terms of acoustic sales, while Fender and Gibson manufacture the top-selling electrics. Of course, that's combining total items sold with total sales -- both of which you can view independently, along with average price. In reality, Fender electrics sell at a rate far higher than any other, but the higher average price of Gibson balances the two in terms of total sales. Per usual, the index comes with a companion widget (shown above), which you can easily embed into any blog or webpage, as well as the ability to conduct your own Terapeak search; that means you can scour closed eBay listings for any other guitar brand you might prefer (or anything else on eBay for that matter). You can view the full index here, and the companion widget where it says "Share" next to the two guitars. Enjoy!

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