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Terapeak Improvements Coming Soon

By Terapeak  on September 15, 2008

I am Andrew E.R. Sukow, CTO at  This is a quick note to let everyone know some of the great additions coming to Terapeak shortly.  We have been listening to everyone's feedback and comments.  We will be adding some new functionality and improvements to Terapeak shortly and will continue to improve Terapeak based on your feedback.  Here is a quick list of items that are launching in the next two weeks.   New Research: - Average Shipping Price:  We will be moving "Start Price" down lower and will be replacing it with "Avg. Shipping."  We have heard from our members and agree that knowing the shipping price is valuable.  We worked hard to overcome some technical hurdles but will be adding this data very soon. - Improved Keyword Data: Currently our keyword research can be sparse or missing in certain circumstances.  This is a trade-off we made years ago in an effort to improve search speed.  We're proud to say though that with some of our recent hardware purchases we can now boost our keyword research to analyze every single keyword in the result.  The keyword section will show rich information for any search term or any seller once this is launched. - Faster Searches: Search speed will become 2x as fast in the coming weeks.  We have put in significant work on our database software and we have purchased cutting edge hardware to boost our search speeds.   - Video Tutorials (with sound): Many people have requested sound to be added to the videos so we are updating our videos with sound video by video and hope to have them fully updated and vastly improved.  A sound icon is next to the videos that have sound.  These are available now online.   We appreciate everyone's feedback and invite you to continue to provide feature requests, bug reports, and any type of comment.  Please send us your comments.   Sincerely,    Andrew E.R. Sukow CTO, Co-Founder

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