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Measure the Market Share of Your Competition Using Terapeak

Before you begin to sell a product, you should know the market share and pricing strategies of its top current sellers. These numbers tell you: How easy (or difficult) it will be to break into a new product area How your pricing decisions are likely to affect your success Which prices you'll need to be able to meet in order to reach which percentage of customers Here's how to use Terapeak to find the market share of the top seller (or top ten sellers, or top 25...
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Posted on January 11, 2017 in How-To Articles

How to Find New Product Ideas, Then Research Their Competitive Landscape

Many new sellers need a simple workflow to help them to: Find ideas for products that are selling well Measure the competition levels that exist for them Identify the best strategies for selling them Our Category Research tool offers one of the simplest workflows to generate new product ideas, research the their competitive potential, and study the best listing strategies for them. Here it is.   Start the Category Research tool. Log into...
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Posted on January 10, 2017 in How-To Articles

How to Study Competitor Products, Product Potential, and Listing Strategies with Terapeak

To sell profitably online, you'll need to know what your competition sells, how competitive sales for these products are, what share of the market is owned by top sellers, and which listing strategies have proven effective. This tutorial shows you how to use Terapeak to research a particular competitor's products, as well as the competitive landscape and top sellers for each product. You'll learn to: Study the competitive landscape for any product See detailed sales data...
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Posted on January 06, 2017 in How-To Articles

Lou Veloso
I started a Terapeak trial and realized that this tool was vital to me and to my business.
Lou Veloso

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